Brandon Kelly Elected Section Chief

In the Special Election conducted on January 22, Brandon Kelly from Occoneechee Lodge was elected to the position of Section SR-7B Section Chief. Brandon will serve in this role through Conclave at Camp Raven Knob.

Gray Barnhill from Occoneechee Lodge has been selected to take Brandon’s place as Vice Chief of Program.

Congratulations Brandon & Gray!

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Section SR-7B brings our lodges together in many ways improving their individual programs and expanding interaction with other lodges in our section.

Cardinal Conclave

SR-7B’s Cardinal Conclave is the landmark program of the section. Each April, over 1500 Arrowmen gather at one camp within our section with sole intent of Fellowshipping and forging connections with others throughout the section.


LINK will provide lodges within our section the tools they need to improve specific JTE goals. This event will be held at Camp Durant and hosted by top class youth leadership in our section.