What is Hackathon?

The second OA Hackathon event, the 2019 OA Hackathon, will be truly unlike anything the Order of the Arrow has ever seen. Youth and adults from across the nation will gather to learn, grow and be inspired about technology in the Order of the Arrow!

This hands-on, high-energy event will focus on solving problems, sparking innovation and sharing knowledge at all levels of the organization.

Delegates will experience engaging trainings, a technology exposition, and a typical ‘hackathon’ competition. Similarly, delegates will be provided with feedback about current programs in the OA and prompted to ‘hack’ a solution together.

Youth and adults who attend will be able to work with Arrowmen from all across the country, providing a unique opportunity to #HackOA, learn more about technology, and network.


Training at the 2019 OA Hackathon is being designed so all delegates will be able to attend and learn more about technology, leadership, and problem-solving. Training sessions available at the Hackathon will feature hand-picked staff covering a variety of topics and
experience levels to best fit the skill and experience of the different delegates. In addition to formal presentations, Arrowmen will have the opportunity to learn in hands-on workshops and informal discussions. Training offered at the Hackathon is planned to include such topics as leadership, programming, careers in technology, problem-solving, history of technology, internet safety, networking, and more. The various depths and styles of courses will provide delegates the opportunity to customize their training schedule to best fit their experience and interests. Also, Scouts BSA youth members will have the option to earn merit badges such as Digital Technology, Robotics, and Programming.

Important Dates:

January 26                Registration Open
March 31          Staff Assignments Complete
May 1        Delegate Late Fees Apply
June 1            Registration Closes

Dates and Location

2019 OA Hackathon will begin with dinner on Wednesday, June 26, and end after breakfast on Sunday, June 30, at the University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign.

All delegate check-in will occur on Wednesday, June 26. Delegates should plan to arrive between 1:00 pm and 6:00 pm.(Please note: No early arrival option is available.)

Official Flyer