2019 AIA Seminar

Countdown to the 2019 AIA Seminar








The event is taking place February 22nd-24th at Camp Durant. The cost is $25 for the weekend. Participants will be staying in the cabins on camp, so there is no need in bringing a tent. The weekend will be full of sessions on numerous Crafts, Ceremonies, Dance, Singing, Advising, and overall Lodge AIA Program. All Arrowman interested in Indian Affairs are welcome and encouraged to attend. No matter if they have one day or one decade of experience in AIA, I am sure everyone will benefit from attending this weekend. Youth and adults will have the chance to attend sessions by individuals who are considered to some of the most knowledgeable individuals in Scouting in their respective areas. The Section AIA Committee has worked hard to draft a schedule that is packed with training, and I do not believe that we could fit any more training in the weekend if we tried.

Event Location
This event will be held at Camp Durant.
4637 Old Carthage Rd, Carthage, NC 28327


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